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A Practical (Pagan’s) Guide to Meditation

First of all let me start by saying that the spiritual element of meditation drawn by many from its effects should not detract from its very well evidenced and observable real world practicalities: Meditation in one form or another is essential for a healthy human brain & body and should not be confined to the practice of religions alone.  When it is left down to religion we see praying (aka a form of meditating) humans argue with meditating (aka a form of praying) humans over linguistics. For that reason I have made sure that this guide is absolutely universal and if you feel triggered by the inclusion of ‘Pagan’ in the title and fear losing your soul, let me assure...

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Good Vibrations: How music might reflect the divine answers of the universe Pt.2

In our last blog we took a look at the origins of Human music and how greater levels of consciousness lead us to examine music for answers to questions about the universe we are part of and the nature of the divine. When great minds first asked these questions much of the math was in place to guess answers, but humanity lacked the technology needed to verify. Now, with modern technology, we’re going to take a look at what previous minds got right, what we have learned today and travel forwards in time to see what the future might hold. In this blog we’ll reach some concluding thoughts on our initial questions: What is it about music that speaks to...

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Good Vibrations: How music might reflect the divine answers of the universe Pt.1

We probably all agree that music can impact the way we feel and sometimes seem to provide the perfect soundtracks for certain times in our lives or even to become an anthem for whole generations. But why? What is it about music that speaks to people on a universal level? Is our interpretation cultural or is there a deeper meaning that humans are able to interpret? Join Tarran for part 1 of this exploration!

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Bronze: Conscious complexity & a warning for Civilisation

There is perhaps nothing more of a physical catalyst and symbol of the change in human ingenuity than Bronze. The trade of its composite parts strengthened cultural bonds between peoples whilst its properties impacted warfare and notions of possession as humanity entered what can be seen as one of its first technological revolutions: the Bronze age. 

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'The Northman' is a genre killer

I wasn’t going to watch Robert Eggers latest film. Like many, I’d grown tired of the waves of Viking themed tv shows & films that had become predictable, careless of history and rather tacky. Then I started to see reviews from people who’s opinion I respected (and whom are perhaps less cynical than I!) and I thought for the expense of a comfy seat & an array of loud & crunchy snacks in a thankfully empty cinema I would give it a shot. For once, I’m glad I did!

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