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European Wolf Conservation

From April 16th to May 21st 2020 we fundraised for European wolf conservation & raised £4,400! Thank you so much for helping, the battle doesn't end here so please read on for how you can help & support. 

Funds raised will be distributed to wolf conservation NGOs around Europe where small populations of Wolves struggle against habitat loss & hunting, both illegally and unbelievably legally.  

In 2021 with the press & public occupied in other matters, endangered & native wolves were slaughtered in Europe including in Sweden & in France where 110 wolves were culled with permission from the government.

In France the situation is particularly bleak. For the last 3 years, around 20% of the population has been 'culled' each year. I'll let you do the math as to what the next few years holds if this continues. 

In Switzerland a license application was applied for to kill Wolves, but fortunately was overturned in a public referendum supported by Gruppe Wolf. Sadly no other country today has such referendums where the people are given the chance to stand up for their wolves democratically. 

The slaughter of Wolves is often hidden behind poor excuses about damage to the hunting industry (cough, cough Sweden) or protecting farmers live stock. But the fact is, humans can live beside wolf populations using non lethal methods and as studies like the infamous Yellowstone reintroduction have shown time and time again now: Wolves are essential to a healthy eco system. 

We believe that Wolves are an important part of our natural heritage and culture and that their loss on our watch is a shame that will ring out for eternity. Please stand with us by supporting our charity draws or by learning more, taking action or donating at any of the following organisations, thank you:

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