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Fertile Forests Charity Draw

It's no secret that Europe's great forests have declined over the past centuries and still today are under threat due to unsustainable and often illegal logging, removal of keystone species failing governments 'green washing' bad conduct. 

Even countries like Sweden, which claim to have a sustainable forestry program (despite being the world's 3rd largest exporter of paper produce), are clear felling huge areas, scarring and replanting monocultures for future farming without consideration for biodiversity and the preservation of ancient wilderness. The land is being cleared at a rate faster than trees can reach full maturity and now less than 12% of Sweden's forests are fully mature an issue highlighted by Skoggsmissbrucket.

For our Fertile Forests charity draw we've selected to raise funds for the conservation & restoration of one of Europe's last great forest wilderness: the ancient Carpathian Forest. Where the once endless trees are under threat from illegal logging. We'll donate all proceeds to it's restoration and conservation. 

Our Fertile Forests Draw closed on July 31st and raised a total of £1510

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