Our story

Born in 2017 from a passion for history, mythology & nature. We make high quality contemporary clothing & products using only natural materials and never plastics. 

Just like our clothing, we are organic in our nature. We only make things that we want to make and reflect our interests. From natural beard oils to leather weight lifting belts & from unique knitted cloaks to boxer shorts; we select the best materials and design them for the best performance.  

We chose Odin (or Odin chose us) to remind us of the great Anglo Saxon & Norse kings & leaders who forged our home country into the shape it takes today. We  hope to draw the mind to our own ancestral knowledge and stories in a world that is often disconnected from both history & nature.

Here is a place where you can discover the power of natural materials, where all is made for wanderers & warriors.  

You can join our community app by searching 'Descended from Odin' on Apple & Android stores now! All subscriptions are re-invested into creation of community features and content including forthcoming film projects!