Ragnarök: Scorched by the Flame (w)

Ragnarök: Scorched by the Flame (w)

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The great god of fertility and prosperity, Freyr, twin brother of the Lady; ancestor of the Swedish and all who dwell in field and wood; keeper of horses and the great boar. The god was the owner of a great dwarven sword that would fight of its own accord, however this blade was lost to love when Freyr desired a giantess for his wife and had to pay that as a price in his schemes to win her hand.

A mighty warrior still, even armed with only a fallen stags antler Freyr was fearsome in battle and fearless in choosing his opponents. But when Freyr rode his war pig to battle against the primordial fire giant Surtr, the god of golden fields met his end to the flame of Múspell which would scorch all the earth.

100% organic cotton, black open neck t-shirt. printed in Britain.

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