Ragnarök: Poisoned by the Serpent

Ragnarök: Poisoned by the Serpent

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The gods had forged a world out of the primordial chaos and through their acts brought order and balance, yet the unstoppable and indiscernible web of fate was still woven and all beings were to be bound by it..

Thor's hammer Mjolnir is the gods favoured means of keeping order and many giant's skulls have been broken by the short handled bludgeon (and the short temper) of the thunder god.

But at Ragnarök the great earth coil, the monstrous serpent of Midgard shall thrash and cause great earth quakes and flooding as the seas rise up in anger.

The cat who could not be lifted; the catch that could not be landed; middle child of Loki: Jormungandr will be the greatest foe of Thor.

The god shall thunder towards battle, hammer held aloft upon his chariot pulled by his two goats, he will hurl the might of the heavens upon the snake, locking into battle with all his strength.

Of course Thor will kill the serpent. There is no power of chaos or destruction that can match mjolnir or more importantly the figure who bends his will through it.

This time though, the price is high. Weakened from battle and with wounds filled with the venomous bile of Jormungandr, the twilight of the thunder god comes not nine steps later.

After Ragnarök, Modi son of Thor and Sif will inherit Mjolnir and the responsibility born with it: to be the hammer of the gods.


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