Ragnarök: Torn by the Hound (w)

Ragnarök: Torn by the Hound (w)

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Such is the god Tyr's dedication to justice and balance that when his own sword arm was required as hostage during the binding of Fenrir, he gave it without hesitation, knowing that the price must be paid for the betrayal Odin had planned.

And yet it is not Fenrir who will seek out the one armed god on the battlefield. When Ragnarök comes, it is Garmr, the bloody-breasted hound of hel, the growling one, he who howls to herald the end of the gods. It is the hel hound who will be his partner in the dance of death.

Tyr will meet the dog with only his left arm to wield sword and though it is enough to drive the blade into the heart of the hound and put him down, too numerous will be Tyr's wounds. Flesh torn from bone by claw and tooth, Tyr will pay a greater price to the cousin of wolves.

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