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SALE: Morna - Plastic Free Hat

SALE: Morna - Plastic Free Hat

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Production & photo sample garment

Morna is an old norse verb 'to waste away' and when you're finished with it, thats exactly what this hat will do, without a negative impact on the environment. 

It may seem simple, but to make a hat that was completely plastic free took us over 3 months to develop. You see, its nearly impossible to find a place to manufacture hats without any plastic. Even with your average 'organic cotton' hat, the peak is still plastic and the threading will still be nylon based. We had to go right back to basics to create our hat to be plastic free. 

The peak is made with a durable card that can be shaped into any style you want from curved to snapback. All carefully stitched in place using only strong organic cotton threading. Our signature patch is made of 100% melton wool from the UK and when you've had a good few decades of use, you can throw away our hat to biodegrade.