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Descended from Odin, Wanderers Warriors,Organic T-shirts, Staithes Hoodie, Merino Wool Hoodie, Odin, TYR, Thor, Ragnar, Bjorn Ironside, Vikings, Anglo Saxon, Norse, Fitness Gear, Horns, Jewellery, Silver


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Thor & Jormungandr were always fated to meet.

Thor's strength was pitted against the great earth coil twice in folke tales. Firstly when Thor was tricked into lifting an enchanted cat that bore the weight of Jormungandr & later on a fishing trip where he nearly hauled up the monstrous wyrm.

Thor's unfaltering bravery and stubborn, determined strength are what makes him the greatest protector of the realms of Asgard & midgard.

Like all heroes, it is his struggle and his fiercest opponent that shows his metal so here is his metal; Mjolnir showing bound inside Thor's greatest foe who he will sacrifice his own life to defeat at Ragnarök. 

Thor should inspire men to be more grounded, more headstrong and braver. Invoking Thor truly brings us greater strength and fortitude to become our own defenders. ]


100% organic cotton, printed in England

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